Hello Everyone, Owning a dog or any pet is a commitment.  Besides having patience, allocating time, and adjusting your life, we must also stay organized and be up-to-date on the care and maintenance of our pets. This is why you need My Dog My Friend Journal to help keep the affairs of your pet, organized!

My Dog My Friend Journal is the key to keeping track of all your dog's medical records and their life particulars, all in one place. Let's read more about the benefits of owning your very own My Dog My Friend Journal.

Care giving for your pets can be quite consuming, especially for working families.   My Dog My Friend Journal will help you keep track of your dog's Breeder information, your dog's Weight, keep your Vet appointments, Immunization Records, Pet Grooming information, Pet Emergency contacts, First Aid information, Accredited Pet Care Facilities, and more. You can also know your Dog's Real Age in dog years!.   My Dog My Friend Journal can be a great help in making your life easier.


Recognized as man's best friend, dogs are probably the best loved pets in the U.S.  According to recent surveys, more than 55 percent of American households own at least one dog, making the dog by far, the most popular pet in the 

United States!




  •  Access to important pet care                   facilities such as Emergency Animal Rescue and National Animal Poison Control, and more Pages to document your dog medication & vaccines.
  •  Pages to keep family and friends phone   numbers for easy access.
  •  Access to important accredited              facilities worldwide to call if you lost your   dog.
  •  A place to record your dog's                    awards and contest he may have participated   in.
  •  A "Did You Know" page with pertinent information you might not know about your canine friend, and a whole lots more!

In order to get a dog license, stay at a boarding facility, or attend a training class, you need to have your dog’s health records at hand and up-to-date. Owning a personal journal will keep you organized!